Streamyx Email Problems

Read the papers today and there was someone having the same problem I had - cannot send emails using Streamyx. So I’m doing a good deed here explaining why and how to solve the problem since the people at Streamyx are not doing their job.

This problem only started lately because the people at Streamyx suddenly decided to block port 25, the default SMTP port for emails, without informing their subscribers. This likely affects you if (1) you’re using a non-Streamyx email account and (2) you check your emails using Microsoft Outlook.

The solution is to change your SMTP port to 587 as advised by Streamyx - stupid because you’ll also need to change the port at your email server end. The good news is your email provider may have SMTP running on another port in addition to port 25. For example, mine uses both port 25 and 26.

To change your port in Outlook, follow these steps:
- In Outlook, click on Tools in the menu and select Email Accounts.
- Check View or change existing e-mail accounts and click Next.
- Select the affected email account and click on the Change button.
- Click on the More Settings… button and select the Advanced tab.
- Change the Outgoing server (SMTP) port number and click OK - done!