Google Singapore

We’ve heard about the amazing work environment at Google HQ, but what about the conditions at their Singapore office? Well the Business Times team got a tour of Google Singapore (located in Shenton Way) recently and have quite a bit of nice things to say. Here are some of the hightlights:

+ 100 Googlers from diverse backgrounds, speaking 6-7 different languages.
+ above-average compensation, including medical benefits that pay for dental and contact lenses.
+ family-oriented and hence, “discouraged” from working late.
+ “our dress code is that you wear something”.
+ 4 weeks paternity leave, 16 weeks maternity leave plus reimbursement for “mommy takeout food”.
+ tech toy gifts, including the coveted Nexus One last year and a HTC phone the previous year.
+ printers called chendol and satay, and meeting room called Paiseh.
+ a breakfast nook with an array of food types stocked by a dedicated “facilities” team.
+ a masseuse comes in every Wednesday to provide massage at S$7 for 15 minutes.
+ weekly net meeting on Fridays, where you can ask the founders and CEO questions.

Sounds good? It’s no wonder that since Google opened its doors in Singapore in 2008, staff size has grown from 8 employees to over 100. There are currently quite a number of job vacancies so you can try applying if you’re interested.
Go here to read the full article.

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