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Google Update Hits Content Farms

Google Content Farm Penalty

The big news that came out from Google last week was unquestionably it’s algorithm update to demote low-quality websites, specifically Content Farms. According to Google’s official blog, the algo change would impact 12% of its search queries - that’s quite a significant percentage!

Link-building With EzineArticles.com

Ezine Articles 

Building backlinks for SEO has become harder these days. It’s no longer just about quantity - quality counts a lot more. The search engines are serious about the quality of their search results and that’s why guys like Google came down hard on simple backlinking schemes like web directories, backlink marketplaces, (excessive) link exchanges, etc.

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Time sure flies, especially when you’re having a great time. Not suprisingly, online marketing continued to gain ground in both Singapore and Malaysia in 2010. We signed-up many big-name clients this year, who will almost certainly add weight to our resume, to allow us to gradually shift from the mass market to the premium tier. We also became AdWords-certified in 2010, but more importantly, we grew the AdWords market in Malaysia enough to impress the guys at Google SEA that they are providing us ”special” support - watch out for a big announcement in 2011.

And Now - Google Instant Previews

Google Instant Previews 

In its quest for speed, not “speed” as in search speed but the speed of making decisions based on the search results, Google has added yet another feature called Instant Previews. What this does is to let you get a quick peek at the webpages, when you click on the new magnifying glass icon next to the corresponding search results. If you don’t already know, you can also navigate Google’s search results by using the up/down keys on your keyboard and activate Instant Previews by hitting the right arrow key.

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